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Check out some of the lovely reviews we received about our scavenger hunt!


"I did the scavenger hunt with two friends who are not based in Ealing and it was a fun and original way of showing them around my neighbourhood! I have lived in Ealing for nine years and thanks to the trail I got to learn new things about the area. For instance, I talked to the Questors Theatre volunteers who made me aware of free backstage visits and the cheapest pub in Ealing, and while looking for one of the clues, we visited the Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery shop, which in turn made us want to engage in the activities they offer. I think it was a great initiative and look forward to future editions." 



A friend of mine saw a local advert [for the Ealing Writing Trail]. So as it was a sunny day, a few of us went out to enjoy it. Mix of scavenger hunt, a couple of coffee stops, some shopping and a late Sunday lunch. I had a lovely time on the scavenger hunt.



What was billed as a 2 hour Scavenger Hunt actually turned into a wonderful, enjoyable, engaging and surprising day out for us in Ealing!
My 5 year old daughter was very engaged with the Scavenger Hunt, referring to the map and trying to solve the clues. She was particularly pleased with herself when she managed to solve a clue without any assistance from mummy and daddy!


It was great to discover some ‘hidden’ delights that we weren’t previously aware of around Ealing e.g. the bronze horse and Questors Theatre.

Aside from the Scavenger Hunt, we took time during the day to explore the shops around Ealing for some shopping, had lunch and dinner out in Ealing, and even sneaked in a cheeky ice cream!

Ajit & Anjlee 


'It was a great way to explore Ealing, meet the locals and uncover hidden gems.' 



Since I just moved to West London, the Ealing Writing Trail scavenger hunt was a lovely way to enjoy the sun and explore! It was an excellent kick-start to get to know my neighbourhood’s local shops, amenities and details, such as the frog at Walpole Park. Bonus points after I discovered I was the lucky winner of a prize to enjoy at Castano Lounge! Yum!’



We thoroughly enjoyed the scavenger hunt and gained a very good experience by taking part. The activities re-familiarised my husband and I with Ealing in a playful way.



We had a really great time today, exactly what was needed and so appreciate all the work that’s gone in. Hope the rest of May continues to be a huge success for Ealing Writing Trail. Spotting [a specific…] detail while hunting for clue 7 was very satisfying!



The scavenger hunt was the perfect way to spend the day with my friend. It allowed us to explore new places in Ealing but also stop and enjoy a coffee and have a lovely lunch at the Moon & Maybe which was a wonderful discovery. The questions in the scavenger hunt also allowed me to get to know my friend a little better. This is a brilliant way to slow down, and does wonders for your wellbeing.



What a delight the Ealing Writing Trail has been revealing itself to be! The perfect opportunity to meet fellow travellers on the “yellow brick road” to explore or refresh your inner writer and re-align your thoughts through poignant workshops excellently delivered, yet seemingly tailored to each attendee. The scavenger hunt provided an opportunity to panoramic wellbeing – a well thought out and enjoyable activity for mind, body and soul. I truly hope this becomes an annual staple for Ealing that distinguishes the borough.



I certainly did enjoy the hunt especially as I managed to intersperse it with some shopping and a well-deserved coffee at the end.


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